Our German style whole wheat bread is made with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, golden and brown flax and sesame seeds, all of those we soak overnight before baking, in orer to add even more goodness. There are absolutely no preservatives, dough conditioners, bleach or other nice things widely used in other breads. This fact makes our bread unique in the market, a bread like it was baked for the last thousand years before chemicals were used to add more profit.

We start with our own freshly ground rye. This serves as the basis for our sourdough. All our breads save for the sweet ones like Pumpkin or Walnut Cinnamon use the Sourdough leavening method for a number of reasons :
- more enzyme activity,
- longer shelf life
- better digestion
- more complex flavor
- better texture

Since this old style type of bread manufacturing is very labor intensive, very few bakers apply this method.

We also let nature do its work giving our bread much longer proofing than most other purveyors. This procedure guarantees a dense, flavorful bread which you will enjoy for a long time due to this manufacturing method and its refrigerated storage.  Look at our bread the way you look at Sauerkraut, Kombucha or Yogurt:  Fermented foods are good for you.  You will find multiple ways to purchase our entire, weekly changing offerings at our locations page.

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