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Crackerman New Year's confusions

posted Jan 5, 2012, 11:47 PM by Web Admin   [ updated Jan 6, 2012, 9:04 AM ]

So now I could eat lots and lots of disintegrating  animal flesh again? This happens after realizing that animal cruelty actually exists and can be looked at with every watery, chemical laden piece of meat in the grocery aisle?

This is the new reality after having converted to a non addictive nutritional plan of mostly fibers and greens? Had I shed many pounds and felt like a spiritually sound bread maker again only having to read this?


The author, Natalie Angier, describes exhaustingly the wondrous world of plants as if they were human beings with valid feelings and social capabilities. According to her studies science has found out a lot about our fruits, veggies and fibrous beneficiaries. Plants are said to have a social life, interacting with each other in the face of danger, emitting chemicals to ward off parasites and caterpillars, even seeking out richer soil and sunnier spots for their life.

As a consequence plants should be regarded as living material as well, I gather.

This would put them in stark contrast with some food philosophies like Vegans and Raw Foodies, since many of them found their ideology on preserving living matter and eat plants since those are perceived to be non living.

An even more severe impact could dawn on the ancient religion of Jainism, a strictly vegan spiritual movement originated in India. This Nonviolent religion strongly cross pollinated with Hinduism and Buddhism throughout its existence. It seems quite remarkable that Jains not only sweep the path in front of them in order not to unintentionally kill small critters in their way, but also even abstain from eating roots like potato, celery and the likes not to kill the plant.

And now they have to hear this, what a bummer this must be for the true Jain who eats the occasional chive, and once in a while even an artichoke maybe.

I bet a big loaf of my bread though that in the midst of this upcoming internal conflict the average Jain and Vegan is leading a healthier life with a better Karma package for the afterworld than the average German Wursterminator.

And I shall keep on trying for myself to maintain a little nutritional discipline, New Year is around the corner, resolutions in tow and this date surely will help me to stay on track. I should emphasize that my decision to be a good and healthy human being by reducing my meat intake had been made long, long time ago, back in August. One of the issues that assisted me tremendously was the fact that most meat is not up to my quality standards. I just do not like the idea of eating pigs eyes in my baloney, have meat that ate its own feces or was fed with old fryer oil and chemicals.

As a chef I was obliged to get the best ingredients and this wasn’t easy when it came to carnivorous pleasures.

As a baker I went to walk the floors of quite a big organic trade show representing the state of the industry near Orlando some weeks ago.  

Hundreds of booths competed for the attention of countless curious visitors and numerous brokers who would be able to help distribute nature throughout the country. Since our packaging is in the process of being printed and a wish to get Florida acquainted with the Crackerman exists I was naturally inclined to talk to some of these gentlemen.

Several of them provided great advice and offered to look into the matter once our breads and crackers come in our newly designed bags.

Then we talked about shelf life.

Being gifted with average intelligence I had presumed our bread shelf life of up to three weeks and the one of our crackers, up to three months would raise a tiny bit of interest.

Not quite so. I was told that bread should have a much longer life span, ideally  three months and the crackers would be easier to be distributed if they kept for half a year.

Answering  incredulous inquiries on how to to achieve this, I was told enzymes and additives could do wonders. Permitted enzymes and chemicals do this naturally, without a trace in taste or otherwise, I was told.

About a quarter of the exhibitors at this organic show didn’t sell food  but offered  whey powder, powerful potions, echinacea and  pills of different benefits.

I drove home wondering what is happening in the food industry nowadays and what the reasons are behind the fact that there is hardly any more unadulterated food.

After some soul searching and several beers I came to the conclusion to just keep on doing what I did before and see how it will turn out.

In this regard the next year most likely will not be that different from the others that came before.

Happy 2010 !