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Hail the Food Industry

posted Dec 12, 2012, 7:31 AM by Web Admin   [ updated Jan 6, 2015, 12:20 PM by Stefan Uch ]
Yesterday a truck passed by with a photograph of a contemporary production kitchen on its trailer. 
Sysco with chefs in aprons, whisk in hand , ready to whip up some macaroons, a pound or two of chicken salad, all in small quantities with top fresh ingredients, cooked exclusively for one small family, maybe two.
Apparently 47 000 employees work in those micro environments for them, how fortunate are they ?

Fields sway with the wind, poppy flower blooms red in the midst of it, a golden sunset on the horizon.
Wheat harvested with a sickle by old Italian farmers, then after a short stop at Mama Leone, who manufactures noodles, right after this brought to Costco on a donkey cart, where it sells as pasta for 87 cents a pound.

There is a cow grazing on a pasture smiling for the dairy producer. Evil people say the animal has never seen daylight, must be a lie, because companies are telling the truth and only the truth. And they have high ethics.

Am loving all those Mama Italia Marinara sauce pictures on cans, plastic containers and jars. 
All those heavy weight ladies with glasses seemingly are related, maybe from the same clan or at least village, 
where they hand pick tomatoes and carefully slow cook them with sprigs of rosemary from the back of the garden, 
garlic certainly had been previously contributed by a well meaning neighbor. 

Every single Sicilian housewife in her mid sixties is canning tomato based sauces for the world these days, one 3 gallon pot at the time, this is reality.

Meanwhile Swiss pastry chefs are in the midst of making chocolate for the Northern American market. I see three colleagues interacting and consulting each other, one cracks a hazelnut- wait, this was the world production for 
Nutella - while the other chocolatier stirs a copper pot of liquid chocolate intended to feed China for a year.

" These Chicken Nuggets provide an excellent source of calcium from breading with 0 grams of trans fats per serving and no fillers. “  - and the chicken had fun growing up as well, lots of it.
 ‘Tis the reason they call them fun nuggets, or is it because the ingredient list is fun ?
You gotta love them for their excellent products.

Wonderbreads landing page says it all : " Always Wonder " - yes, we do and yes, we can.
Be glad things are wonderful at Wonderbread and they are really engaged for the consumer. Their first concern right there  is : “ How do your kids grow so fast ? “  Am wondering too.

We learn Monsanto is a “ sustainable agriculture company “.
I did not know that, but am elated all my preconceived notions are without any basis.
They are sustainable and deal with agriculture, meaning something good, trustworthy and in a not so clear way, promote organic food, right ?

McDonald’s says “ Delicious starts right here “ and we know it doesn’t stop here.
You visit one of those video channels and see how their burgers look just as delicious even after a year, or two.

Puratos, the world’s largest producer of bread additives, does a great job of offering simple solutions for a hungry world, just read a bread label.

We also know that Givaudan, the largest producer of flavor out there, “ engages the senses “. And I shall be grateful for having this pointed out to me.

Food advertisements fulfill an important  task because there is no other source to tell you more about the food those companies make,  apparently all of it by hand. 
Countless Luigis make pasta and convenience Italian dishes you buy in the freezer aisle, those Mama Leone and Donatellas with their tomato sauces and pickled vegetables,
Aunt Jemima  who still makes all those pancake batters at her home, what a busy lady she must be.

I thank all of them for doing what they do. And I will sleep well tonight, having silenced all those Naysayers who argue against those men and women because I know this is how food should be done, by man and woman, with good ingredients, in small batches, without cruelty against animals and without cheating consumers.

Web Admin,
Dec 12, 2012, 7:31 AM