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Obese - Schmobese

posted Aug 23, 2012, 6:32 AM by Stefan Uch   [ updated Aug 28, 2012, 11:23 AM ]

I dread going to doctors since one of those specialists in Miami told my wife to go get a prostate exam. 

They did the same with me, which is not the same but nonetheless distracting for me, just as their advice to exercise more and eat less.

But after enduring more than a few days of  bad cold, headaches and such I finally gave in and went to see someone. 
According to my doctor someone infected the entire city of Miami with Sinusitis within the last few weeks. 
 Later on the nurse made me step on a scale.  She didn’t say a word,
 but put a term in that column under “physical condition” ,
I peeked and she had written “ obese”.

Doctor comes in, we chat amicably,   just telling me what to take, 
yeah antibiotics are important, take them until they are all gone, don’t stop before yadayada. 
All fine and dandy, until I start asking questions:
" So my blood pressure is too high despite of medication ?"
" Yes"
" So just taking pills doesn't slim me down ? "
Doctor rolls his eyes : "No"

" So despite medication  there is body damage in the cards ? "
And he says : “ Yes, of course. “

Imagine my surprise, just a little hypertension and fat clogged blood vessels for 7 years, 
heart and tissue damage are there, possibly shorting my life considerably ? Really ?

The following weekend at the Farmers market : 
Sightings of people who actually love our organic breads, 
the pumpkin loaves with organic eggs sell well and ten there are organic Kongo bars, Granolas etc. 
Many visitors who upon tasting our stuff, realize it is good food and so they make a purchase.

Sprinkles of vegan folks come, we do carry quite an array of products complying with this lifestyle.
most of our breads are vegan, just because the kinds of breads we make usually 
don't carry bacon fat or eggs.
 The gluten free guys are becoming more and more, we do carry something for them as well,
 though it has become a fad and some who once had two quick bowls of pasta in a row  blamed the gluten,
not themselves.

The first Paleo dieter passed by last week. Apparently what was good food 
40 000 years ago is good now, too. I agree, 
even if I don’t really get it that wheat is off limits because it’s only been cultivated for 5000 years, go figure.
 Some visitors don’t eat carbs all together, am sure they live a very balanced life. 
Then some say, if it’s not certified organic I don’t buy it. All good, I think, as you like it, says Shakespeare.
 I have had customers with Sauerkraut diets, pineapple regimen, all
Steak diets, raw-vegan-organic folks, fruitarians, only carb dieters, and so on.
There must be around 4500 diets and none really works in the long run, it seems.

According to my doc, my personal diet of eating everything and not working out also doesn’t work.
And I wonder why. I do know about nutrition, it’s part of my job as a chef, as a baker and as a host. 
I know, eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nothing processed, minimally white flour, lots of grains, 
whole wheat, legumes, beans,  avoid sugary, fatty and salty foods and most of all move that ass.
Move it daily, shake it and move it for a few hours. 
10 000 steps a day will stop you from gaining weight, that’s two hours of walking. 
Any exercise is good, just keep yourself from becoming a couch potato.
I know all of this and yet...........
I also know we are primed to overeat on fat, sugar and salt. I would add carbs, 
Personally I am primed especially on Lasagna and Pasta Carbonara, both served family style.

But I also have a brain and better use it  unless
 I prefer either to be dead or pay five figure sums for fat related surgeries. 
And I am not one to believe in the power of Kraut diets, pills, herbs or electric stimulants.

Bummer, Life is better ( and longer better ) when it’s active. 
Why be active , my inner self asks, if burgers, fries and beer is all the craving, 
veracious animal in me yells for ?

The Lancet, the world’s leading medical journal,  has an answer in its July 2012 issue, page 189/190 :

“But it is a mistake to view physical activity only in terms of its disease-specific associations. 
The benefits of physical activity are far-reaching and extend beyond health alone. 
Being physically active is a major contributor to one's overall physical and mental wellbeing. 
Positive outcomes include a sense of purpose and value, a better quality of life, improved sleep, 
and reduced stress, as well as stronger relationships and social connectedness. Additionally, 
promoting active modes of travel, 
such as walking and cycling, are good for the environment, which in turn also has a positive impact on health.”

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being while movement 
and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it”
Plato , 400 B.C.