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The Real Food Project

posted Jan 6, 2012, 12:15 AM by Web Admin   [ updated Jun 13, 2012, 9:43 AM by Graphic Designer ]
Over the years I noticed a profound change in the quality of foods. Back when all things were better, tomatoes and meats weren’t flavored, additives were scarce,
food often came from farmers around us and our kids were not all fat and unhappy.

Together with Food writer Ellen Kanner and traveller/ computer genius Khim Rojas we created a forum to change this deplorable state, if just a tiny bit.

We invite anyone who likes apples better than aspartam and yellow squash better than yellow number five, we ask cattle ranchers and nutritionists for their input.
We aim to be as impartial as possible and equip this not for profit page with a basic structure and some links to nurture the mind. We shall have tons of fun and hopefully many people will offer opinion, links, videos, stats and whatever they feel like posting, as long as it is in the name of the good food and great spirit.
Enjoy !

An appeal for more natural food and less additives in our groceries and food supplies.

You and everyone else who want real food without additives, preservatives, mysterious chemicals or genetic modifications.

Everywhere around the globe.


Become a fan, choose food without additives, read labels, join as we speak out for real food and better quality in our nutrition.

Because everyone deserves access to real, whole, unprocessed food.

We, the writers of this appeal, ask you to read and possibly approve the following statement on the need for pure, fresh, unadulterated food on our plates:

Fruits and vegetables are available only in a few varieties compared to the last 2000 years, because promoting a few choices is more profitable than reintroducing local and heirloom selections to grocery stores.

Our food is contaminated. It carries countless preservatives FDA Website and real buggers 24 Additives. It is often poor quality in order to maximize profit and minimize health damage to the consumer. Restaurant food often is laced with salt, fat and sugar. It often makes us and our children sick.
Our seas are overfished and polluted. Scientists estimate we have removed as much as 90% of large predators like cod and swordfish from the oceans.

We deserve a change and so does our planet.

We ask our readers to pay attention to labels and demand more flavorful varieties of vegetables and fruits from their grocery. We would not be condemn merchants who offer local varieties.

We ask USDA to step up pressure on corporate food giants like Monsanto and Nestle to give back a little of their monocultured earnings to reintroduce as many products of heirloom varieties as possible. We encourage adults and children to plant their own pot of tomato, chili or basil in their gardens or near their window.

We demand bread and pastry made without bleach, potassium bromate and other countless additives in our meals. We do not approve of vitamins and minerals in rice, pasta and flour because we want a choice when we purchase those items. We choose real food.

We demand the absence of 'natural' flavors in food. We encourage research on the impacdt of plastic and artificial ingredients on humans and animals. We disapprove the use of genetically modified foods. We want these foods restricted or at least clearly labeled as such.

Through eating locally farmed vegetables and fruits, we promote the idea and feel of where we live, we taste and celebrate the abundance around us.

We're into:
Local food initiatives bringing regional foods directly to consumers.
Real Food in our school lunchrooms.
Fresh, sustainable and organic foods -- these help support us and the planet, so it can recuperate and replenish after the century-long insult of industrialized farming.
School gardens to reintroduce real food to the population, starting with our children.
Families who cook together.
Families who eat together.
Basic cooking, sourcing and nutrition taught in all schools.
Companies that reward employees who make real food a priority.
Meat produced with dignity for omnivores.
Sustainably caught fish and seafood.
One day without eating meat per week.

We're anti:
Multinational food conglomerates.
Byzantine food distribution systems.
Perverted meat production methods.
Genetically modified food.
Artificial preservatives.
Mystery chemicals and additives.
Misleading food labels.
Obese, unhappy children.
Obese, unhappy adults.
Our national productivity, creativity, economy and medical system crippled by obesity related illness.

We acknowledge:
We are more obese as a nation than ever.
Obesity-related illness puts us and our economy at risk.
Our own frail humanity -- we're hard-wired to want fat, sugar and salt. But we don't have to eat it every time. We can eat Real Food instead.

Join our project. We aim to get your approval and support, plus the support of 20 million others. Working together, we can make companies, institutions and government listen. We can make the move, make the change to real food. Become a fan now. We encourage you to post links, comments, photos and videos. We ask you to network in order to profit from an ever growing web of well eating individuals. Introduce your project, co-op, company, community and even post jobs here.

The only restriction we apply is that the postings are in compliance with our goals, and we do not publish recipes as every palate is different. Engage and live better.

Welcome to the Real Food Project, please contribute..