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Yuk and Yum

posted Jan 5, 2012, 11:50 PM by Web Admin   [ updated Jan 7, 2012, 7:33 AM ]

“Try not to yuk other people’s yum” 

So says the best wife of all to me.  And here I sit and think, “Is she right or is she not? 

I think we all have the right (or is it an obligation?) to say that our children are dying because of feces in our meats products.  We hear of the meat recalls on an almost sickeningly routine basis. People should know that potassium bromate, as well as bleach, is in their store bought breads.  They should know that the sugar coating on their donuts has seventeen (yes, 17) ingredients.

But we don’t have the right to say yuck to some one else’s yum.  People should be able to choose and eat what they wish to choose and eat.  Without our judgement.  This is called tolerance.  And it is something I find increasingly hard to apply the more I learn about food production in the “First World”.   And most of the “Second World”.    

But since the “Life of Brian” movie taught us to always look on the bright side, I hereby concede defeat saying ” Yes wife, you are right, as always, and I shall contribute positivity to the world henceforth!”

And so here comes the yum list for great food.  Not necessarily always organic or raw or vegan, but hopefully without horrible additives.  Great cuisine in Miami:


-New Saigon -  inexpensive real Vietnamese food.  The pho is not up to our standards, but  the specials are always authentic dishes like green papaya salad or beef wrapped in rice paper.  Cash only.  Not recommended if you are looking for posh service.  16752 North Miami Ave. 33169.  Ph: 305-653-3377

  1. Panya Thai - Real Thai food including fermented fish and maw, try it once,  if they let you order it.  Also traditional Thai food, curries, soft shell crab and marinated beef.     520 NE 167th street, 33162.   Ph: 305-945-8566

  2. www.gastropodmiami.com - a new guy in town,  a local actually,  has lots of street creds and though I haven’t tried him yet, he is on my short list of things to try. 

  3.  Heelsha - Adequate Indian food is hard to find. This one is a goody and it’s a neighborhood joint.  There are one or two more in town which unfortunately come with an inappropriate price tag.  Heelsha has great food at reasonable prices. 1550 NE 164th Street, 33162  Ph: 305-919-8393

  4. The last one is a split decision between Michael’s,  Michael Mina in Aventura and Michy’s,  if anyone cares for upscale. Which we sometimes do. This list naturally comes without a first or last place since taste is relative to the palate of the eater.  And it comes with a yum guaranteed,  if you just wear a smile on your face and are ready to have a good time when you walk in the door.