Our business moved online entirely, which is fantastic, because we discover new delivery methods and our friends keep enjoying Crackerman foods in their homes anytime they wish.

Naturally, our order page  of 12 years is still up and running. 

Once this is over, you will find us back at Legion Park again, all year right there at the possibly only farmers market in Miami with local and rare organic produce. There are hundreds of fruits growing in the Redlands, many of them you could sample at Legion park straight from the farm. The guys at Urban Oasis Project run the market as a non profit, so the carrots you buy double up as charity.

Thanks go out to Ellen Kanner, a stellar food writer who introduces us in her Huffington Post blog, www.huffingtonpost.com/ellen-kanner.

The daily candy blogspot wrote a song for us:  www.dailycandy.com.

Q: How should I store my Crackerman breads and crackers ?
A: We recommend to store the breads in a closed plastic bag in the refrigerator and reheat the slices between 10 to 15 seconds in the microwave or toast them to your liking. The German says they need organic butter......

The shelf life refrigerated is up to six weeks, frozen breads will keep up to one year.

The crackers are best kept in the resealable bag they come in. Keep the bag closed in your pantry, our Southern humidity would make them soggy within a few hours. Shelf life for those is up to 3 months.