Five Grain Bread - Ingredients  Close Up


We use unbleached, unbromated flours because we would prefer to give you unadulterated food.  The fact that our whole wheat and rye flours are stoneground, a low temperature grinding process, means more minerals, vitamins and aroma in your bread as opposed to the vast majority of mills which have their cylinders grinding at 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Toasted Seeds:

The seeds we use for our breads are from certified  purveyors.

They are brown flax, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds. We soak and sprout them over night for several reasons: Flavors and nutrients are being released, the bread remains moist over a long time plus the seeds will be better processed in your body. These ingredients plus the whole wheat in our bread provide you with complex carbs, a diversity of fiber, unparalleled nutritional benefits and great multilayered taste.


More than a dozen bread spices are widely used for breads in Central Europe. This comes for a reason: Spices like caraway, fennel seeds and cumin are used for better digestion, while others like cloves, coriander or mace are complementing the type of bread, be it rye, wheat or spiked bread. We use classical German bread spices for our loaves and grind them just before baking.  If you grind your own spices and inhale the fresh scent you will know why.

 The low down on hard and soft, winter and spring wheat is explained at Reddit or  here:

General information on real bread:

“ Treating a disease with food is better 

than treating a disease with  medicine”