Sesame and Flax Seed Crackers (5oz)
These handmade crackers are delivered in a air tight container and will be fresh for up to two months,
if you keep the bag closed to avoid softening from humidity.

Sesame and Flax Seed Crackers - Black Pepper (5oz)

For those not satisfied with the ordinary, we add a pinch of freshly ground
 fruity black pepper to the classic recipe.

Sesame and Flax Seed Crackers - Garlic (5oz)

A hint, just a wee bit, a whiff of garlic make these crackers a favorite among cheese lovers.

Organic German Style Whole Wheat Bread Chips (4oz)

Our twice baked bread chips come with five organic seeds, whole wheat flour and German bread spices.
In addition to that we add extra virgin olive oil and garlic.
Discover how perfect our all organic bread chips go with dips,
salads and soups, or just as a healthy snack in between.